Restaurant Review #301: The Starving Artist (Ocean Grove, NJ)

Still playing catch-up with some reviews– I think this is the last one. Justin and I ended up at The Starving Artist in Ocean Grove right before the summer tourist madness set in. It was a beautiful day, and so we wanted to eat outside. There are indoor and outdoor seating options at this place, and we opted to wait an extra 15 minutes to be seated in an open courtyard-like area. I had not been here in years, probably since I was a teenager visiting with my parents on a Sunday afternoon. I had no recollection of the food, just the building itself which had not seemed to change. I also remember they were pretty hopping back then, just as they were now.

With a name like “Starving Artist” I was expecting a young hipster crowd, especially being located so close to Asbury Park. Boy was I wrong! There aren’t enough !!! for how wrong I was. Aside from Justin and I, there was maybe one other table without white hair. I imagine weekends might be different, or perhaps the bustling summer months. Anyway, as I always say, “You don’t go to a restaurant to stare at walls”…or in this case, senior citizens!

Justin had a combo of blueberry crumb cake and banana nut pancakes with bacon. I went with Eggs Benedict which I usually avoid because no one can poach an egg correctly (such as the nearby Buttered Biscuit in Bradley Beach). This was nailed to perfection. The Hollandaise was not too rich, the English muffin crisply toasted, and there was ample ham hidden below the eggs. Home fries were well-done, which I asked for. Justin loved his meal. I snagged a bite and they were good.


The prices are more than reasonable considering its proximity to the beach and surrounding areas. There is a small indoor seating area but outside is the place to be. The Starving Artist remains the preeminent breakfast/lunch/brunch spot for the area, and it was well worth the wait. 4 out of 5 stars (a properly poached egg scores major points!)


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