Photo of the Day: April 19, 2019

It felt like summer last night, and what better beverage for that occasion is there than lemonade using a Mennonite recipe in a book we picked up in Lancaster? Then, of course, we had to use the glasses given to us by our friends at the Revere Tavern.

Photo of the Day: April 18, 2019

One night, I decided to surprise Justin with a Puerto Rican feast. The stuff in the middle: Mofungo. Mashed plantains with ham, garlic, olive oil, and seasonings. There are different versions of this. Most call for mashed fried plantains. However, that pushes the calories per serving to about 900 (and who eats just one serving?)…

Photo of the Day: April 16, 2019

There is nothing specific I want to draw your attention to in this picture, just a “character shot” of John and Peter’s (and yes, that is a hockey stick up on the wall). For Justin’s birthday last month, I told him to pick any place he wanted for dinner, and he chose this legendary New…

Photo of the Day: April 15, 2019

A “Meatless Monday” creation here, and entirely from Aldi: a veggie burger on naan with a mixture of hummus and spinach. The veggie burgers from Aldi are some of the best I’ve ever had. Only 90 calories each and they are filling.

Photo of the Day: April 14, 2019

Last month, Justin whipped up this Italian “Sunday Sauce” feast. Or is it gravy? The only thing I took care of here was the pancetta Brussels Sprouts. He did the rest from scratch: dinner rolls, a killer sauce that soaked in the goodness of meatballs, brasciole, and hot sausage cooking for many hours. Again, for…

Photo of the Day: April 13, 2019

A delectable Reuben Stromboli using Kobe corned beef from Shop Rite. All I could say was, “Wow!”. There really was a marked difference in quality. Be on the lookout for the stuff. It is great on St. Patrick’s Day…or any other day for that matter!

Photo of the Day: April 11, 2019

I had Duke Bourbon a few years ago and thought it was great, and not because I’m a fan of its namesake. I just had to get a picture of this set-up. Okay, I also had my picture taken with “him” as well. Saving that for another time!