Bagels on the “Express” to Hell

Just a week after raving about Holmdel Bagels, here is a major gripe about D’Alessio’s Bagel Express in Leonardo. Went a few days ago en route to Sandy Hook. Didn’t feel like making the detour to Atlantic Bagels on First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands. I had never been to D’Alessio’s, but they have been there for…

Photo of the Day: September 6, 2018

How would you like to start your day off with this? Fried rice topped with an omelette, brown gravy, and a couple of meat balls. It is impossible to shop at Edison’s H-Mart without stopping at the food court.

Photo of the Day: August 9, 2018

On my way to a summer camp sipping a nice, healthy lemon water while my friend and assistant Patrick chowed down on one of these monstrosities. 39 grams of fat and enough sodium to kill a horse. He knocked back a second one when we finally got to the campus. #breakfastofchampions

Restaurant Review: Amy’s Omelette House (Long Branch, NJ)

Hear ye, hear ye, all those on diets, stay away from Amy’s! This place is named the “Omelette House” for a reason: there are 222 of them to choose from. You open up to the front pages of the menu and you are blitzed and inundated with options. The array is dizzying. How can any…

IHOB: What’s in a Name?

I have a lot of memories at IHOP, hardly any of them good. Usually, it becomes the go-to place for late-night eating amongst my paranormal group after we are done ghost hunting at the museum. This is out of necessity, because nothing else is open at this time. Eating at the soon-to-be-re-named IHOB is always…

Takeout Joints Vol. 6: Bagels!

While I have devoted reviews to specific bagel places, I figured I could bang out three in one shot here. Like the other “Takeout Joints” volumes, the scores here are based a little bit differently. How could a bagel compare to, say, a fine dining experience? Well, it can’t (not even for a die-hard bagel…

Photo of the Day: April 22, 2018

When its 2 AM, you’ve had a few drinks with the guys, and all the good diners are closed. What do you do? Get the designated driver to go to Quick Chek and bring back pork roll, eggs, and rolls, and whip up some of New Jersey’s classic breakfast sandwiches (and also superb hangover preventatives).

Photo of the Day: April 21, 2018

A delightful assortment donated to our museum from Duck Donuts in Middletown for a volunteer day we had last month. We cannot thank them enough!

Photo of the Day: March 22, 2018

What is this monstrosity, you may be wondering? Why, a Monte Cristo, of course! My friend and I had watched a food show glorifying the classic yet oft-forgotten sandwich, and there I was the next day, ordering one at the New Monmouth Diner. French toast topped with ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese. Don’t forget the…

Photo of the Day: February 22, 2018

A shot behind the counter of a bagel place by my new house. No, we didn’t move to New York. This is Sheepshead “Baygels” on Route 35 in Holmdel. Review coming soon, I’m sure.