Restaurant Review #247: Katz’s Grill (Highlands, NJ)

I have been to this place three times. The first two have been in the mornings on our way to the beach. Justin and I have both enjoyed their coffee and breakfast sandwiches—a toasted, buttered roll for me, in particular. It was actually after the second visit a few months ago that I wanted to…

Restaurant Review #246: Bay Avenue Cafe (Highlands, NJ)

This is another one of those places I passed by many times over the years without ever giving it a try. After working a cold, windy morning on Sandy Hook earlier this week, I was starving. I met Justin for lunch after he got out of work, and wanting to try something new, we figured…

Photo of the Day: April 9, 2019

Dessert for Justin’s birthday last month was this unbelievable assortment of cookies and pastries at Nonna’s in Englishtown.

Kunya Siam Rings in Thai New Year on April 14

One of the most anticipated culinary events in Atlantic Highlands every year is Kunya Siam’s Thai New Year celebration. I have helped out at the festivities in various capacities four or five times now. For 2019, there will be three seatings (all sold out—waiting list available) beginning at 3 PM on Sunday, April 14. While…

Photo of the Day: April 6, 2019

A selection of pies at Burbelmaier’s in Ocean Grove. Though they looked delicious, we were not fans of the one we tried (Chicken Tikka Masala Pie). It had an overwhelming flavor of lime, which just did not taste right.

Restaurant Review #242: Oriental Empire (Red Bank, NJ)

With a name like “Oriental Empire”, you may be inclined to think this place was nothing more than a takeout joint. That’s what I thought as I walked past this establishment for years, never bothering to look inside. I was wrong! Justin and I both had some time off yesterday, and decided to head to…

Photo of the Day: April 4, 2019

Usually, this quote is in reference to something else. But we’re okay with the coffee for now. Outside of a shop in Ocean Grove.