Restaurant Review: Sichuan Cottage (Marlboro, NJ)

I wanted my 200th restaurant review to be of a solid restaurant. As an avid reader and contributor to the Hungry Onion message board, I have noticed a love affair with a particular Chinese restaurant. That place is Sichuan Cottage in Marlboro. While the board is a place for debate over dining, there seems to…

Rum Buckets and Wings at Miami Club (Keansburg, NJ)

After a few hours at Runaway Rapids, Justin and I were thirsty‚Ķand a little bit hungry. The smell of grilled meats had lured us across the street to the amusement park. We had grabbed a beer one night at a place called Miami Club a few weeks earlier. On this afternoon, we ended up stopping…

Photo of the Day: August 6, 2018

Crunchy, light, and refreshing “Fresh Rolls” from Kunya Siam. These were consumed a couple of weeks ago during our museum’s arts and crafts festival. Rice paper was stuffed with lettuce, carrots, and mint, and paired with a luscious peanut sauce.

Photo of the Day: August 2, 2018

What would a summer in New York or New Jersey be without at least one visit to Ralph’s? This here was Strawberry Margarita and Root Beer.

Photo of the Day: July 15, 2018

You won’t find these in New Jersey. We had an Indian-themed pot-luck event at the museum a few weeks ago, and a representative from Frito-Lay brought along a case of these.

Restaurant Review: Amy’s Omelette House (Long Branch, NJ)

Hear ye, hear ye, all those on diets, stay away from Amy’s! This place is named the “Omelette House” for a reason: there are 222 of them to choose from. You open up to the front pages of the menu and you are blitzed and inundated with options. The array is dizzying. How can any…

Photo of the Day: July 13, 2018

No, I’m not standing the wrong way. This was aboard the schooner AJ Meerwald, when they came to port in Atlantic Highlands last month. When the captain asked if anyone wanted to steer, no one raised their hand. So Justin and I went over and took turns steering. This was a little different than any…