Photo of the Day: December 11, 2017

Steak sandwiches always manage to be chewy or uninspiring, but McDonagh’s nails it here. In addition to some stringy mozzarella, there is a sriracha-horseradish mayo and homemade potato chips on the side. Delicious!

Photo of the Day: December 10, 2017

Beautifully plump tandoori shrimp from Neelam in Middletown. Cooked to perfection, as always, with some thick-cut grilled onion for bite and crunch.

Photo of the Day: November 29, 2017

Another killer appetizer from Brothers’ Pizza, the place that served up the best God damn stuffed mushrooms I’ve ever had in my life. Clams here, roasted to perfection, and drenched in a wonderful garlic sauce. Needed a second loaf of bread for this one.

Photo of the Day: November 28, 2017

A perfectly delicious red curry scallops from Nemo in Keyport. These were so good that I was left with no choice than to upgrade their 3.5 rating to a 4. For an $8.95 lunch special, they gave four decent-sized scallops. Tossed in an earthy curry sauce they were, with potatoes, string beans, onions, and mushrooms….

Restaurant Review: Reo Diner (Woodbridge, NJ)

I last ate here four years ago. It was an experience so unbelievably awful that if I outlined what happened here, people would accuse me of slander. So I will leave it at that. I actually never planned on ever visiting the Reo Diner in Woodbridge ever again. A few of my friends (the “hockey…

Takeout Joints: Chinese/Asian Volume 2

Here we are with some more Chinese and Asian takeout reviews. The last column was very well-read, showing just how important takeout and delivery are to our busy lives. I love going to a restaurant, but sometimes the sheer convenience of these places makes them necessary. Also, remember that places like these are often graded…

Photo of the Day: November 11, 2017

It’s been featured here before, but let’s look at this monster again: the 14 ounce Bavarian pretzel from McDonagh’s Pub in Keyport. Served with cheese, mustard, and hot caramel, this simple appetizer takes your palate all over the place in an instant. September 2017.

Photo of the Day: November 9, 2017

The perfection of a double-toasted “flagel” (or flattened bagel) with butter at Eli’s Hot Bagels in Aberdeen. When it comes to breakfast, it does not get much better than this for me. Carbs are what I crave in the morning, not eggs and meats.

Restaurant Review: The Turning Point (Holmdel, NJ)

I always thought the Turning Point (a small NJ chain) was a place where soccer moms went to complain about their children’s teachers over breakfast after dropping the little darlings off at school. I never actually considered this would be a restaurant I would enjoy, despite its immense popularity. Within five minutes of sitting down…