Photo of the Day: December 7, 2018

The Clinton Station Diner is one of New Jersey’s best.┬áThe coffee is always fresh, orange juice squeezed to order, hand-cut fries, and homemade bread/rolls for their sandwiches. Justin had an excellent burger while I went with the chicken cordon bleu sandwich on this most recent visit.

Photo of the Day: November 30, 2018

Another one from Sichuan Cottage. I have been there several times now, and there is little reason to try anything new. Their beef with chili in hot chili oil is not quite the harbinger of doom it appears, but rather a complex blending of flavors and textures. The spice makes your mouth tingle rather than…

Restaurant Review: Whistling Willie’s (Cold Spring, NY)

Rare is it to have an experience that begins with such promise and ends with such anger. We did some restaurant research before our trip to Cold Spring aboard the Seastreak. After browsing at one menu after another online, we decided that based on price and selection, Whistling Willie’s seemed our best bet in this…

Photo of the Day: November 11, 2018

Justin took me on a mini tour of Perth Amboy corner stores to show me what I have been missing my whole life in the suburbs. This was the best of the lot. Just look at that display. Nothing healthy, but all of it delicious. We did a sampling of five, but the cheese empanadas…

Photo of the Day: November 10, 2018

A spicy and flavorful Jambalaya with chicken, shrimp, and Andouille sausage cooked up by my friend Walter during a Cajun-themed dinner last month.

Photo of the Day: November 5, 2018

An appetizer selection at Neelam consisting of something totally new for me to try: that bread on the right was stuffed with bits of tandoori chicken and spices. Totally delicious!

Restaurant Review: Hanover Eatery (Bethlehem, PA)

We wanted to end our three-day excursion throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania last month on a good note with a good breakfast. We were staying in Bethlehem and I did a quick search for the nearest diner. Right up the road was the Hanover Eatery. I walked in and was immediately reminded of…

Photo of the Day: November 4, 2018

A behemoth portion of pancakes topped with peaches, walnuts, vanilla marscarpone, and caramel served out of Meemom’s in Middletown.

Restaurant Review: Eldorado Diner (Elmsford, NY)

The Eldorado Diner was located across the street from our hotel. It was also the final stop for some food after our bar-hopping adventures in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow earlier that night. No longer in New Jersey, it was nice seeing a 24-hour diner…with a bar. We already had enough to drink, but their cocktail…

Restaurant Review: The Huddle (Sleepy Hollow, NY)

Our third bar visit of the day was thankfully the best one. Third time’s a charm, as they say. Since the first two were so disastrous, we debated even giving this place a chance at all. The goal was to come here for late night drinks and maybe a snack, before heading to a 24-hour…