Travel Guide CT: Maggie McFly’s (Glastonbury)

When you walk in, you are immediately met with a dessert-making station. Cakes and ice cream are sourced from local bakeries and dairy producers. As you wait, you stare at the display case. We grabbed a menu to browse. We knew very shortly after that we were skipping over an appetizer to save room for…

My Father, the Foodie

I want to inform my readers of the passing of my father, Albert Caggiano, on Sunday, June 18. It was sudden and unexpected. There is a lot that I can say about him, but since this is a food blog, I wanted to focus on that. My dad loved food. After he retired two years…

Travel Guide NY: Peach Lake Market & BBQ (North Salem)

I don’t know where the hell we were. I still don’t know how we found it. We had crossed the border into New York and were driving around the countryside for a while. Not a restaurant or business in sight. We were both hungry and decided we would stop at the first place we saw….

Where Are All the Filipino Restaurants?

Crispy, crunchy, salty, sweet, savory, deep-fried. Those are just a few words I would use to describe Filipino food, and they are all sensations that Americans love in what they eat. If you live in New Jersey, chances are you have at least two or three Chinese places within ten minutes of your house and…

Photo of the Day: June 15, 2016

I’m actually leaving for Connecticut tomorrow for a few days, so I wanted to share this shot of the Thomas Oyster Co. in historic Mystic Seaport from March of last year. We’ll be heading back there for another visit and a couple other places we went last time. However, we are adding a new stop:…

Photo of the Day: June 14, 2017

The exterior of the Bongo Road House in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. At first glance, it looks like any other bar. But the foods and flavors that awaited inside were out of this world. When you’re done, you step out into the Poconos. A light snow started to fall shortly after. It was perfect. Winter 2016.

Two of the Best French Bakeries Around

When you think about it, Red Bank, NJ and New Hope, PA are very similar. Both are located near a river, both offer posh specialty shops, both have pricey restaurants (ranging from the well-executed to the pretentious). While New Hope may have a bit more history, one thing is for sure, the similarities include fantastic…

Photo of the Day: June 13, 2017

Another mug shot. You know you’re in for a good breakfast when this hits your table. I can’t wait to eat here when I’m in Pennsylvania next week. Dienner’s Country Restaurant, Ronks, Pennsylvania.

Restaurant Review: Max’s Restaurant (Jersey City, NJ)

“A white guy walked into a Filipino restaurant” is how this review should begin. Actually, Will and I are both white by appearance, but since he is half Filipino, I was the only Haoli in the restaurant at this particular time. I say all of this in humor, but as is the case with each…

Hunter’s Casual Crusades: Cheeburger Cheeburger (Holmdel, NJ)

There aren’t many things in life more pure than witnessing your alma mater’s sports team competing against local enemies. You get lost in a wave of fellow students that bond together in an adrenaline rush. Even those who would never bother participating in something as simple as gym class are losing their voice in an…

Photo of the Day: June 12, 2017

A classic Italian Calabrese at Piero’s in Union Beach, New Jersey. Mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, olives, and pepperoncini. January 2017.

Photo of the Day: June 11, 2017

The 1950’s-style Johnny Rockets still give you a smiley-face squirt of ketchup for your fries. I never drink soda. Ever. But somehow, I always yearn for a Coca Cola with a shot of vanilla syrup when I’m there. March 2017.