The Recipe Book: Greg’s Pumpkin Pie Martini

I was searching for a recipe for a good pumpkin spice martini. One by one, most of the recipes called for multiple cream liquors and even flavored vodkas. I thought that was ridiculous and that I could achieve a desired flavor with minimal ingredients. According to my two taste-testers, I succeeded, and present you with…

Photo of the Day: September 22, 2018

Glorious garlic shrimp from a family dinner at Portuguese Manor a few days ago. The oil is liquid gold when you dredge some of their crusty, homemade bread through it.

Photo of the Day: September 21, 2018

Photo of the Day posts have been sporadic this week as I prepare for October, but here is one from this morning. My first pumpkin spice coffee of the season! Paired well with a bagel and a horror movie.

Photo of the Day: September 19, 2018

Justin surprised me with Indian food from Haldi Chowk at Sandy Hook on Monday (Neelam is closed on Mondays). He ordered us chicken tikka masala and asked for as spicy as possible. While it was delicious, it really wasn’t too spicy. I had a slight runny nose but nothing lethal. However, the flavor of the…

Photo of the Day: September 17, 2018

Remembering Matawan’s Trattoria Rustica, which recently went out of business after a multi-decade run. This was one of my favorite meals here, Chicken Ravello. It was a large dish containing three chicken breasts over penne pasts in marsala wine sauce. Then topped with asparagus and roasted red peppers. Going to miss this place!

Photo of the Day: September 15, 2018

An incredibly easy middle eastern spiced beef over hummus. Your spices can be anything. I actually chose to go more a Spanish route by adding Adobo, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Anyway, this is a layered dish that is meant for dipping and sharing. Take a large plate and cover with hummus. Drizzle extra virgin…

Bagels on the “Express” to Hell

Just a week after raving about Holmdel Bagels, here is a major gripe about D’Alessio’s Bagel Express in Leonardo. Went a few days ago en route to Sandy Hook. Didn’t feel like making the detour to Atlantic Bagels on First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands. I had never been to D’Alessio’s, but they have been there for…

Ranking the Fall-Themed Coffees Vol. 1

Rook Pumpkin Cold Brew For those who have not yet had this coffee, I will warn you: it is not pumpkin spice. It is pumpkin. Many people do not quite realize that the plethora of pumpkin spice products they consume every fall do not contain any pumpkin whatsoever. Instead, we are looking at cinnamon, nutmeg,…

Photo of the Day: September 12, 2018

Justin’s baked barbecue wings. They were first rubbed with Adobo, pepper, and garlic powder, before being left to marinate overnight in a honey barbecue sauce.