Restaurant Review #265: Spatola’s Pizza (New Hope, PA)

It was only a single slice of pizza, but it was enough to sway me into thinking this may be the best I’ve had in Pennsylvania. Following a long walk in the nearby Delaware Canal State Park last week, we wanted to grab a light meal before hitting the road. Having already enjoyed drinks and a snack earlier, we were in the mood for something more down-to-earth. In a lifetime of coming to New Hope and passing Spatola’s, this would finally be the nudge we needed to give this place a try.

Spatola’s has a spacious inside as well as outdoor seating. You walk into the dining room before descending down a few stairs to where the counter is, in the back of the building— an odd set-up. We both saw the chicken-bacon-ranch pizza on display at the same time and each grabbed a slice of that. We paid, and just as our butts were hitting the seat, the pizza arrived burning-hot. The crust was on the thinner side and was exceptionally crunchy and well-made. There was just the right amount of crispy chicken, real pieces of bacon, and a nice slathering of dressing without going overboard and making it soggy. More importantly, there was no oregano anywhere to be found!

Pennsylvania is not noted for its pizza, but this would have been considered damn good anywhere. Spatola’s seemed to be a nice, family-friendly environment, and even more rare for the area, it is a BYOB. The interior is warm and inviting. For such a limited sampling, I am going to give them a score of 3.5 out of 5 stars. We really enjoyed this and would come back again!

Spatola’s Pizza is located at 86 South Main Street in New Hope, PA.



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