Restaurant Review #269: Buckingham Pizza (Buckingham, PA)

We’ve been having better luck lately with pizza in Pennsylvania if you can believe that. Justin and I were en route to a tour of Fonthill Castle the other day when we stopped to grab a quick slice at a restaurant with two names: Buckingham Pizza and A Taste of Italy Trattoria. We ordered and then had a seat. There were a few tables located near the pizza counter and an additional dining room towards the back. The place was pretty spacious and decorated for the holidays.

Justin selected a slice of ham and pineapple (we love Gordon Ramsay but he’s wrong about this), while I chose one topped with spinach, mushrooms, and ricotta. I knew immediately that I was going to like this—the crust was ultra crispy and had a slight char to it. Fans of “well done” would enjoy. The spinach and mushrooms had been sauteed and there was just enough ricotta. It added additional creaminess without going overboard and making it too heavy and soggy. Normally, I am not much of a fan of this kind of cheese on pizza (I order my white pies without it) but something just spoke to me. Justin had nothing but good things to say, calling his a “5 star slice”. If we were not trying to eat light, we could have easily ordered another slice or two each.

Twice in a row, I find myself marveling at pizza from a state that is known for anything but. I often remark how my area of New Jersey has an innumerable amount of pizzerias, but most of them are either average or downright mediocre. That was not the case here, with Buckingham Pizza (or two months ago at Spatola’s in New Hope). This was not just good for the area, but actually good, high-quality pizza. You could taste the love in every bite, and a kind of authenticity that usually goes awry. The menu states the family is actually from Italy, and this is apparent by their accents.

Giving a score for this place exposes a bit of a hole in my rating system. I cannot give 5 stars to a restaurant over two slices of pizza. Was there anything wrong with this? No. Any complaints? No. Normally, that means a 3.5, which is high marks for a pizzeria. However, this was just too good to not give 4 out of 5 stars to. The sad part is that I doubt we will ever be out that way again. We are in New Hope all the time, but rarely travel near Doylestown. Maybe one day. I hope the restaurant sees this review because they need to know how good they are.

Buckingham Pizza is located at 4950 York Road in Buckingham, PA.



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