Photo of the Day: May 8, 2018

Artichoke Francaise. Gotta hand it to Brothers’ Pizza for yet another outstanding appetizer. Remember those stuffed mushrooms?

Photo of the Day: April 17, 2018

When you can never get your homemade pizza to come out round, so you make them rectangle and call them flatbread to spare the hit to your ego.

Restaurant Review: MJ’s Restaurant (Middletown)

What we ordered could not have been anymore American: a pizza, a burger, wings, and beer. Somehow, MJ’s has eluded me in the 23 years or so that I have lived in this area. I was riding around with my friend Jason. We were originally going to head into Red Bank, but were pressed for…

Takeout Joints Vol. 5: Italian and Asian

The first installments of this column have been broken down separately into pizza/Italian and Chinese/Asian. Because I’ve slowed down a little bit on the takeout lately, I am going to combine the two for Volume 3. Below we have one of each, and my, how vastly different they were in quality!

Photo of the Day: November 27, 2017

I was never a fan of Bertucci’s, but this brick-oven pizza topped with prosciutto, caramelized onions, and Pecorino Romano cheese helped to sway my opinion. It was the perfect white-style pizza. A delicious combination of salty, creamy, and savory.

Travel Guide MD: Another Fun Off-Season Getaway to Ocean City

My last three visits to Ocean City have been in the off-season (December, March, November; in that order). Now I’m starting to wonder if I ever want to go back in the summer. Sure, there are more attractions open and the amount of people down there makes it seem like one big party, but there…

Photo of the Day: November 6, 2017

I like Gordon Ramsay…but I also like pineapple on pizza. I don’t understand the hate. Sweet and salty is one of the most pleasurable food combinations, and that is exactly what you get with pineapple on pizza. This one here is from Giuseppe’s in Hazlet. A masterpiece if there ever was one. Cannot forget the…

Updating Esposito’s Pizza and Pasta (Matawan, NJ)

When I first reviewed Esposito’s, it was part of a Takeout Joints column for pizza and Italian food. I only ate there once before this past week. It was good, but I did not remember much. Most encounters here have been takeout, notably their award-winning sesame seed crust pizza. But a couple of days ago,…

Photo of the Day: September 23, 2017

A half-pitcher of Blue Moon at Brothers’ Pizza in Red Bank. I’ve always loved the color and delicate sweetness of this Belgian-style brew. It goes great with pizza…especially when said pizza is covered with hot peppers.

Restaurant Review: The Brothers Italian Cuisine (Red Bank, NJ)

I had not been to The Brothers in about five years. I remember the outside being nothing to look at, and the inside kind of dark and dram. But still, there was an atmosphere to it. Something old and classic. When I visited there the other day, I was surprised to see the inside was…