Photo of the Day: November 11, 2018

Justin took me on a mini tour of Perth Amboy corner stores to show me what I have been missing my whole life in the suburbs. This was the best of the lot. Just look at that display. Nothing healthy, but all of it delicious. We did a sampling of five, but the cheese empanadas…

Photo of the Day: November 10, 2018

A spicy and flavorful Jambalaya with chicken, shrimp, and Andouille sausage cooked up by my friend Walter during a Cajun-themed dinner last month.

Photo of the Day: November 5, 2018

An appetizer selection at Neelam consisting of something totally new for me to try: that bread on the right was stuffed with bits of tandoori chicken and spices. Totally delicious!

Photo of the Day: October 18, 2018

We had a great time doing “fall things” at Casola Farms. They even had a large-scale food court. Feeling like carnival-type food, Justin and I both ordered what was called a “chicken waffle”. This entailed a chicken tender placed in a waffle iron and covered in batter. The waffle is then cooked around it. There’s…

Photo of the Day: October 15, 2018

An Oktoberfest dinner we had two weeks ago. There was chicken schnitzel, mushroom gravy, spaetzel, and German potato salad. Non-German dishes included my mom’s spinach pie, rolls, and my homemade garlic butter. There was also mom’s German apple cake for dessert. Oh, and plenty of Riesling. What a spread it was!

Food Pics from my Grandma’s 90th Birthday Dinner

My grandma’s 90th birthday was the other day and we ironically took her to Nonna’s (which means “grandma” in Italian) in Englishtown. This is a restaurant which has cranked out quality meals and cocktails without fail every single time I have gone there. Their prices may be on the higher side but the portions are…

Photo of the Day: September 19, 2018

Justin surprised me with Indian food from Haldi Chowk at Sandy Hook on Monday (Neelam is closed on Mondays). He ordered us chicken tikka masala and asked for as spicy as possible. While it was delicious, it really wasn’t too spicy. I had a slight runny nose but nothing lethal. However, the flavor of the…

Bagels on the “Express” to Hell

Just a week after raving about Holmdel Bagels, here is a major gripe about D’Alessio’s Bagel Express in Leonardo. Went a few days ago en route to Sandy Hook. Didn’t feel like making the detour to Atlantic Bagels on First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands. I had never been to D’Alessio’s, but they have been there for…

Takeout Joints Vol. 7: Pizza/Italian Part 4

Salerno’s Pizza (Hazlet) Nothing outstanding here, but in a sea of mediocrity they do stand out a cut above. Their buffalo chicken pan pizza was absolutely perfect. Too much chicken for its own good, but did not fall apart. The crust off their pan pizza is good enough to eat on its own as breadsticks….

Restaurant Review: Pru Thai (Clinton, NJ)

As a food blogger, I probably never should have uttered the phrase last year, “I never met a Thai restaurant I didn’t like”. Well, after having a solid string of restaurant visits all over New Jersey and even out of state with this particular cuisine, I finally ran across my first dud. Pru Thai in…