Local Round-Up: Takumi Japanese Cuisine Coming Soon to Middletown

Unlike previously speculated, the new Japanese restaurant moving into Middletown’s Shop Rite Plaza will not be a buffet. While the previous two businesses to occupy the space have been buffets (Royal China and later Hao Sushi and Seafood), the area has now been divided and there is no longer enough room for such a set-up. The new restaurant will be Takumi Japanese Cuisine, with a sign going up in the last couple of weeks. So far, they are only advertising sushi, but I imagine they will have Bento Boxes, teriyaki, udon noodles, and the like.

They come to an area already jammed with Japanese and Japanese-leaning Asian Fusion restaurants, including Nemo, Koi, Fuku, Sono, Ichiban, Nakayama, and Matata, all located within five miles. Will they be able to stand out? That will be their biggest challenge, and new restaurants have no shortage of those regardless of where they open up. Judging by a quick look inside, it appears they have quite a bit of work to do. The seating area might have room for 10 or 12 tables.

If the owners are reading this and can shed additional light on Takumi, please contact me! Best of luck!



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