Photo of the Day: December 21, 2017

Something called Japchae at the H-Mart Food Court. The quality of those kiosks is good enough for them to be standalone restaurants. Anyway, on to this dish: a superb creation of thinly shredded beef, onions, scallions, zucchini, and noodles. November 2017.

Photo of the Day: December 16, 2017

A beautifully presented broiled eel (the first time I ever tried it) at Mahzu in Aberdeen. It’s a place I still have to review. Exceptionally high quality Japanese food can be had including sushi, hibachi, and udon. Winter 2016.

Photo of the Day: December 15, 2017

A delicious trio of spring rolls at Lily in Kennett Square, PA. But the star of this dish was actually the spicy mayo on the side. To this date, it’s the best I’ve ever had. December 2016.

Restaurant Review: Nakayama Sushi (Hazlet, NJ)

I don’t usually write reviews based on takeout, but because Nakayama is an actual restaurant and my experiences there in two orders were good, I figured this could stand on its own. My coworker and I wanted a change from Sultan Palace after a couple of greasy, unappetizing meals in the last two months. This…

Photo of the Day: September 26, 2017

Another one from Ichiban. First time in forever I had hibachi, and this was Will’s first altogether. The food was decent, though I enjoyed the garlic fried rice more than anything else. Our chef was pretty entertaining, including launching a few jokes on the raunchy side. Actually, the sexual innuendo was quite profound. Still, it…

Photo of the Day: August 23, 2017

When someone asks you if you want a Sake Bomb, you don’t even need to know what it is to say yes. We were out at Ichiban celebrating a friend’s birthday in June and her husband ordered one of these for everyone. Basically, you drop a shot of chilled Sake into a glass of Japanese…

Photo of the Day: August 9, 2017

A welcome sight before any Japanese meal. Chopsticks ready to grab food, while the Sake is there to wash it all down. Toki Japanese Restaurant, Red Bank, New Jersey.

Restaurant Review: Zhang’s Grille (Holmdel, NJ)

Every once in a while I have a dining experience that leaves me at a loss for words. On this rare occasion, I try my best to just put my head down and churn out a review to the best of my abilities. A recent visit to the newly opened Zhang’s Grille in Holmdel (formerly…

Restaurant Review: Ichiban 18 (East Brunswick, NJ)

We stopped at Ichiban for some late night drinks and snacks with friends a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time I had been in the place since it was Shogun years earlier. It looked exactly the same. The sushi bar and tables in the front, a circular bar, and hibachi grills in…

Travel Guide PA: Tokyo Diner (Lancaster)

There have only been a few dining experiences in my life that I would classify as “mind-boggling”. The other night at the Tokyo Diner would be one of them, though not in an entirely negative way. You may think we were asking for it, going to a sushi place in the middle of Amish country….