Restaurant Review #239: Edgewood Cafe (Yardley, PA)

If you ever find yourself hungry in the middle-of-nowhere town of Yardley, Pennsylvania, you could do much worse than a stop at the Edgewood Cafe. We were only in the area because we decided to spend the night after a day in New Hope. There is a Hampton Inn a couple of miles away, and I wanted to use some of my bazillion Hilton Honors points rather than stay at a bed-and-breakfast in town. It was Justin’s birthday, and we needed a quick bite before heading to the Bowman’s Hill Wildlife Preserve. There is absolutely nothing visible from the hotel in terms of restaurants, or even stores. A quick Google search for breakfast gave us few options. This place was on top, so off we went.

From the outside, it is an unassuming building—it could be someone’s house. Inside is a different story. There are high ceilings with thick wood beams. That, combined with a wood floor and brown-colored walls, makes you feel as if you were eating in a barn. It works for the locale.

Justin and I each ordered a regular stack of chocolate chip pancakes. He got bacon with his, while I chose my guilty pleasure favorite: scrapple. We shared a side of the loaded homefries. As you can tell from the picture, the pancakes were pretty average. Light and fluffy, but at the same time, not exactly standout. Though there were no chocolate chips visible from the outside, there ended up being enough to make them worthwhile. The real winner here was my scrapple—that is what puts this review over the top. I have eaten this maligned product all over Lancaster County. I’ve usually enjoyed it, well, everywhere. Somehow, this small cafe miles from everything managed to cook up the best scrapple I’ve ever had in my life. It was served burning-hot. The outside was fried to a crisp, while the inside was hot and gooey. The flavor was excellent and it was definitely fresh. Even Justin who would normally gag at the mere thought of trying a bite tasted a little piece and said it was good.

Justin liked his pancakes and his bacon was cooked so it was just the right ratio of crispy to chewy. We both loved the homefries. They were made using red potatoes, and topped with cheese and bacon. Chunks of onions and tiny bits of green peppers were scattered throughout. I am not a big fan of green peppers, but these were so finely chopped that I did not mind them.

I don’t know if I will ever be in Yardley again, but I would definitely grab breakfast at the Edgewood Cafe if I am. The service was pleasant and that scrapple was just so damn good. Had I known the quality, I would have just gotten it on a sandwich with a fried egg. That probably would have been perfection. 3.5 out of 5 stars.



  1. If in the area again, try The Yardley Inn. Apparently known for their Martinis, I had the best Bloody Mary ever at The Inn.


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