Wall’s Legendary Circus Drive-In Demolished


The legendary drive-in restaurant in Wall, NJ known as The Circus stood for 64 years…and took only 20 minutes to be torn down this very day. The pictures and news are in. It was noted by even the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, how sad such a moment this is. I do not have any personal pictures, at least none that are not hidden away in a photo album somewhere. My last visit predates any blogging and Instagramming I have done. There are those who will have much more extensive and intimate memories than I, but I must say, it was not a summer on the Jersey Shore for adult and child alike without at least one stop at the Circus. 


My family and I never actually ate in the car, but went up to where the dining area was. This seasonal restaurant was entirely al fresco but also covered making it doable in the rain. Food memories are distant, but two firsts in my life are called to mind here: 1) This was the first place where I ever ate a soft shell crab (my mom would always get the sandwich) and 2) My first ever Portobello mushroom was eaten in their “Mr. Portobello” sandwich, which was served with Mozzarella and on garlic bread. My dad would get a burger, and I believe grandma would order a hot dog. I had hoped to get there one more time before the death knell, but it was not meant to be. Thanks for the memories…and introducing me to soft shell crabs!


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