The Biggest Pancakes I’ve Ever Seen

Over the next week, I will be posting some restaurant reviews from our recent trip to Pennsylvania. For now, let’s start out with Hank’s Place in Chadds Ford, an establishment we had already been to and reviewed. This was the breakfast I tackled before walking around Longwood Gardens in nearby Kennett Square for a few hours. Honestly, these are the biggest pancakes I have ever seen in my life. The picture does not do it justice. I’m sorry to say that I think I only made it through half of them. The meal came with eggs and a choice of meat—I always go with scrapple anywhere I can in PA. Even Justin’s yogurt parfait was otherworldly in size and toppings. His eyes widened as the waitress brought it over, and she set it down on the table with a loud cackle as in, “Yes, it’s really that big!”

Be on the lookout for four new restaurant reviews from Lancaster, PA in the next week!


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