Photo of the Day: December 30, 2019

This is without a doubt one of the best dishes I’ve ever made. I was looking for something with shrimp and chorizo and Sunny Anderson’s recipe for shrimp and chorizo in garlic sauce came up. I’m not a Food Network guy at all, but damn, this was excellent with slight variations (not as much oil). The head of garlic I used had 16 cloves! The olive oil combined with the fat of the chorizo made this a must for good, crusty bread to sop it all up with.

The original intent of the recipe was for an appetizer, and while I can see that (it is reminiscent of an app I get at Portuguese Manor in Perth Amboy), when served with rice this becomes a hearty, feel-good meal. A lot of oil is required for this to be a success, but I thought one and a half cups was too much, so I opted to add a little bit at a time and ended up using about half that amount, if even.


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