Restaurant Review #144: Logan Inn (New Hope, PA)

If there’s a historic and rumored-to-be-haunted hotel restaurant in a quaint river town, you can always count me in. Despite many years of visiting New Hope, I have managed to avoid its landmark: the Logan Inn. That all changed last week. My mom and I took a day trip out there in what would be my one and only day off in the month of October between work, lecturing at Brookdale, and running Halloween events at the Strauss Mansion Museum. The day began in Peddler’s Village, but I needed to dine somewhere different. Finally, after years of walking past it and wondering about ghosts, I stopped in and got something to eat…and drink.

If walking around a beautiful haunted town is great, try doing it with a small buzz. I glanced at the cocktail menu and was drawn to the Martinez. It’s a classic comprised of Tanqueray Gin, Luxardo, sweet Vermouth, and orange bitters. I had never thought of such a combination, despite having all ingredients on my home bar. It arrived looking like a Manhattan, and kind of tasting like one. The blend of liquors brought upon a totally unique flavor. I ordered a second one later on, and will be making this again at home.

For an appetizer, we got the Mediterranean platter in a bid to eat relatively healthy. Hummus, tzatziki, cucumbers, pita bread, and a tomato-olive salad was spread across a plate inscribed “Logan Inn Est. 1727”. Even their bread plates were inscribed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a thing. The food itself was clearly homemade and bursting with freshness. It was rustic and flavorful.

My entree was the pulled pork tacos. It came on a wooden board with straws of crispy tortilla strands and guacamole. The tacos themselves were excellently constructed. There was an adequate amount of tender pork, pico de gallo, a type of slaw, salsa verde, and cheese. My only complaint about the dish was the amount of cheese—each taco had two thin slices laying across the top. Had it been shredded (and an even greater quantity) it would have been even better. Meanwhile, my mom had a burger which was cooked medium as she asked for, and served with thick yet crispy steak fries.

Our server was a dapper, bearded gentlemen who just seemed like a cool dude. He was quiet and reserved, not pushy at all, but always around if we needed something. We sat outside on what was an abnormally hot fall day. Next time, I’d like to check out the interior of this historic hotel. The Logan Inn is going to get 4 out of 5 stars from me. The quality of food was superb, and that was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had.

The Logan Inn is located at 10 West Ferry Street in New Hope, Pennsylvania. 



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