Photo of the Day: January 10, 2018

Sometimes we go to the diner before we play hockey. Maybe not the brightest idea, but it depends on what you’re eating. This served as a nice power breakfast before running around blasting slapshots. Fried egg and cheese on a roll with a side of burnt homefries. Just how I like ’em.

Photo of the Day: January 8, 2018

This sub was a two-hander: a chicken cheesesteak with hot peppers, from Luigi’s in Matawan. The bread was crispy and thankfully sturdy enough to hold the sloppy fillings on the inside.

Photo of the Day: January 7, 2018

A work lunch at Lenora’s with a friend, and one of the best taco bowls I’ve ever had. Thin strips of grilled chicken piled high with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream inside a homemade taco shell.

Photo of the Day: January 3, 2018

This feast was devoured on the day where I weighed myself this past fall and discovered that I had dropped 22 pounds. Don’t worry…I had help.

What Eternity Feels Like

It was around 12:55 AM when I walked into Keyport’s IHOP location with my friends Jake, Ben, and Jason after a night of paranormal investigating. We’re not fans of the place in any capacity, but it’s one of the only restaurants open in the area at that time. Like an after-party, being at IHOP this…

Restaurant Review: Kings Arms II Diner (Belford, NJ)

I have a lot of fond memories of this place, going back to when it was the Marina Diner. When I coached in Atlantic Highlands, many a dinners with friends, coaches, and players were eaten here following hockey games and practices. It seemed almost as soon as I became a regular, the business switched over…

Photo of the Day: December 3, 2017

Isn’t this a beautiful scene here? A sandwich from Taliercio’s with imported prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and balsamic vinegar on crusty Italian bread with a glass of Federalist Cabernet.

Photo of the Day: November 27, 2017

I was never a fan of Bertucci’s, but this brick-oven pizza topped with prosciutto, caramelized onions, and Pecorino Romano cheese helped to sway my opinion. It was the perfect white-style pizza. A delicious combination of salty, creamy, and savory.

Photo of the Day: November 26, 2017

Another home-cooking pic, this time a cheesesteak on a Kaiser roll. It tasted better than it looks…and it looks pretty good! Splash some hot sauce on it to seal the deal.

Travel Guide MD: Another Fun Off-Season Getaway to Ocean City

My last three visits to Ocean City have been in the off-season (December, March, November; in that order). Now I’m starting to wonder if I ever want to go back in the summer. Sure, there are more attractions open and the amount of people down there makes it seem like one big party, but there…

Photo of the Day: November 11, 2017

It’s been featured here before, but let’s look at this monster again: the 14 ounce Bavarian pretzel from McDonagh’s Pub in Keyport. Served with cheese, mustard, and hot caramel, this simple appetizer takes your palate all over the place in an instant. September 2017.