Funnel Cake at Fright Fest

Normally, something like this would be reserved for my “Photo of the Day” series, but since that’s on break until November so I can concentrate on Halloween on my other blog, I’ll share it here. Last week, I went to Fright Fest at Six Flags for the first time. Actually (and here’s a confession) it was my first time ever to Six Flags. I was a bit hesitant–I love the idea of the Halloween-themed event, but I am not a big fan of roller-coasters. I went on a few to satisfy my friend’s pestering to ride some. Then we walked around, played some boardwalk games, and ate a very lackluster cheesesteak (the fries were good though). However, we did eat what was probably the best Funnel Cake I’ve ever had.

We waited about a half hour for that damn thing. It was Fright Fest’s opening night. Some lines for roller coasters were more than two hours long. There were so many people. “So many” being the understatement of the decade. Every food stand and restaurant was swamped. These cakes were actually made to order. I love and appreciate that attention to detail, but with people swinging from the proverbial chandeliers, maybe it would be better to have a few ready to go. My friend said it was the best there is and I agree. He also said the stand we got it from is better than the others in the park. It’s right near the entrance. You have to walk inside the little building to place your order if that helps. It was light and fluffy, surprisingly not greasy at all. They have different versions, including adding ice cream or different syrups. But they also include the calorie count on the menu which puts a damper on the occasion.

Overall, I enjoyed Fright Fest. I didn’t think it was spectacular. The jump-scares were kind of mundane—maybe they were just warming up on opening night. I was glad to be a part of something so popular, though. I would go again if I had the chance.


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