A Seastreak Voyage to Cold Spring, New York

After going with a friend herself last year, my mom wanted to gift Justin and I tickets aboard the Seastreak for their fall foliage cruise to Cold Spring, New York. The three of us took the journey this past weekend. It was my first time aboard the Seastreak, which departed from Highlands. I was impressed…

Photo of the Day: November 6, 2018

The Bowman’s Hill Tower just outside of New Hope, Pennsylvania. It was quite the climb (125 feet) but provided spectacular views of Bucks County. The only downside was the $7 admission. Pretty high considering you’re only spending about 15 minutes there.

Photo of the Day: November 5, 2018

An appetizer selection at Neelam consisting of something totally new for me to try: that bread on the right was stuffed with bits of tandoori chicken and spices. Totally delicious!

Restaurant Review: Hanover Eatery (Bethlehem, PA)

We wanted to end our three-day excursion throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania last month on a good note with a good breakfast. We were staying in Bethlehem and I did a quick search for the nearest diner. Right up the road was the Hanover Eatery. I walked in and was immediately reminded of…

Photo of the Day: November 4, 2018

A behemoth portion of pancakes topped with peaches, walnuts, vanilla marscarpone, and caramel served out of Meemom’s in Middletown.

Restaurant Review: Eldorado Diner (Elmsford, NY)

The Eldorado Diner was located across the street from our hotel. It was also the final stop for some food after our bar-hopping adventures in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow earlier that night. No longer in New Jersey, it was nice seeing a 24-hour diner…with a bar. We already had enough to drink, but their cocktail…

Photo of the Day: November 2, 2018

For that millennial in your life who cannot afford a mortgage because they spend all their money on avocado toast. (You can find this gem at Target.)

Photo of the Day: November 1, 2018

Unfortunately, I was so busy with “ghost stuff” the last two days that I could not put up a Photo of the Day. This one here, as we begin November, is of the very haunted Spy House in Port Monmouth, New Jersey. I post this today because it marks the end of my favorite month…

2018 Holiday Liquor Buying Guide: Black Box Spirits

This column is going to serve as a guide for what you may buy for the person who appreciates liquor in your life. However, the first installment is not necessarily what you would get for someone as a gift, but rather, what you might want to have on hand for that holiday party you are…