Photo of the Day: July 10, 2018

When was the last time you saw a Pu Pu Platter with sterno? Not since the glory days of Ruby Palace have I been served one in a Chinese restaurant. And yes, it makes a difference when giving the ribs and beef on a stick a little extra char. This one is from House of…

Photo of the Day: June 26, 2018

A slightly odd but delicious dish from Little Szechuan: chicken tossed in a spicy sauce with peanuts, edamame, cucumbers, and water chestnuts. It could have done without the cucumbers, as I am not a fan and the menu did not list them, but no big deal as I removed them. The textures present here were…

Restaurant Review: Edison Noodle House (Edison, NJ)

It looked like a total dump on the outside. The picture I have of the place in the sidebar of this article does not do it justice. As it happens, moments before we ended up walking into the Edison Noodle House, I had remarked that we needed to find a hole-in-the-wall, authentic, dumpy-looking place. That’s…

Photo of the Day: June 14, 2018

The Japanese take on the Chinese takeout stalwart Crab Rangoons. Rather than heavy clunkers, these were crisp and light. The perfect way to start a meal before digging into some sushi, or even a spicy curry.

Photo of the Day: June 3, 2018

Back-to-Back spicy shrimp dishes featured in the Photo of the Day column. This is named (simply enough) “Hot and Spicy” Shrimp, from UJ’s Asian Bistro. It had wonderful flavor, but despite the sinister look with all those chili flakes, really failed to deliver on the heat.

Restaurant Review: House of Chong (Middletown, NJ)

My friend Roy read my review of Temple from last week and called me up saying I needed some good Chinese food in me. I obliged, and my mom and I joined him and his wife Joanne and daughter Katie the other day. They are ardent fans of House of Chong, which has been in…

Restaurant Review: Temple (Red Bank, NJ)

My friend Justin and I were originally going to a food truck festival in Keansburg today. Because of how hot and humid it was, we then decided to go to an actual restaurant instead. Somewhere. Anywhere. We ended up in Red Bank and felt like Chinese. Having passed Temple many times and heard decent reviews,…

Takeout Joints Vol. 5: Italian and Asian

The first installments of this column have been broken down separately into pizza/Italian and Chinese/Asian. Because I’ve slowed down a little bit on the takeout lately, I am going to combine the two for Volume 3. Below we have one of each, and my, how vastly different they were in quality!

Restaurant Review: Little Szechuan (Little Silver, NJ)

There is a fine line between nostalgic and dated. Any restaurant that can manage to walk that line and succeed is okay in my book. I’ve written numerous times about restaurants such as Little Szechuan—places that are stuck in the time they were built. When it comes to actual sit-down Chinese restaurants, there are few…

Photo of the Day: February 28, 2018

Chinese takeout from Bei Jing II with a friend. We wanted a meatless night, and went with steamed broccoli (garlic sauce on the side), moo shu vegetables, and veggie dumplings. It was delicious. The meat was not missed.