Photo of the Day: February 18, 2018

An addition to the top of my bar. It was found in a bin of antiques I was going through in my basement as we prepared to move last month.

Photo of the Day: February 14, 2018

For an Italian restaurant, Nonna’s actually has quite an affordable whiskey list. This pour of Glenfiddich, which I tried there for the first time, was only $9.

Photo of the Day: February 1, 2018

A little drink before I bet and lose my customary $20 at the Ocean Downs Casino on the outskirts of Ocean City, Maryland. But hey, on the second night, I actually left ahead $7. Big winnings for me.

Photo of the Day: January 11, 2018

We have a double-shot for today’s “Photo of the Day”. Our Jazz Nights at the museum are BYOB. I thought it would be nice to bring along a little Woodford Reserve. A few of us promptly killed what was left before moving on to the star of the show: Wild Turkey bourbon out of a…

Fermented Musings: Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

As anyone who reads this column will know, I am a fan of The Macallan scotch. The 12-year has become my go-to imbibe not only for the flavors but affordability. At an average little over $50 a bottle, it isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s not prohibitive at this stage of my life either. I have…

Photo of the Day: November 19, 2017

My friend Walter and I (who I semi-profiled here) hanging out at the Strauss Mansion Museum during our monthly Jazz concert series. He’s drinking his usual white wine while I have Buffalo Trace bourbon and Pepsi 1893 cola. September 2017.

“Photo of the Day” on Break Until November

October is my busiest month of the year. I volunteer at a museum that is haunted, and we do events all month long. I also lecture on the subject of paranormal activity and hauntings at historic sites for Brookdale Community College. All of that and I try to watch and review as many horror movies…

Vat 69 Gold and the Perfect Scotch Sour

Every year on my birthday, my parents would try to find me a bottle of whiskey that I had never heard of before. Sometimes, it is random. Other times, there is significance. Last year, it was the Quiet Man Irish Whiskey, named after the classic film starring John Wayne. This year on a spring trip…

Restaurant Review: The Globe Hotel (Red Bank, NJ)

The Globe Hotel has been serving up drinks since 1840. At that time, there was actual lodging. Today, it’s just a bar and restaurant. I had been there for the first time two or three years ago. My friend had something famous in these parts—the Globe Burger—which is just like any other burger except for…

Fermented Musings: A Year Older Me; A Six Year Older Scotch

I came to appreciate a good scotch somewhat late in life. My experiences as a younger man tended to be with brands and styles heavy in smokey, peaty flavors, of which I am not a fan. So I avoided scotch, preferring instead a good Irish whiskey (Bushmills remains a favorite). It was only later that…