Photo of the Day: December 29, 2017

I guess there’s a little southern boy in me that came out here at the Decatur Diner: a scrapple and egg sandwich (no cheese), and a bowl of adequate grits. November 2017.

Photo of the Day: December 22, 2017

It was advertised as “fried ice cream”, but it really wasn’t. Instead, it’s a scoop of ice cream inside a fried taco bowl. The end result was actually better than the normal fried ice cream because it did not melt and leak all over the place. Just another great dish from Tequila Mockingbird in Ocean…

Travel Guide MD: 32 Palm (Ocean City)

You all know how I feel about chain hotel restaurants. No matter how good they look, or how enticing the menu is, the food always manages to be lackluster. Whether they be inexpensive glorified diners, or fancy eateries, I’m never impressed. Even as I love the Hilton brand, I’ve never truly loved a restaurant on…

Travel Guide MD: Ocean City’s Vintage Signage

I know there’s a lot of people out there who love looking at vintage signage, big and small. So here are a few shots from my recent trip to Ocean City, Maryland. This is a location so thoroughly modern and with the times, yet steeped in nostalgia. And the best for last…the Alamo!

Travel Guide MD: Another Fun Off-Season Getaway to Ocean City

My last three visits to Ocean City have been in the off-season (December, March, November; in that order). Now I’m starting to wonder if I ever want to go back in the summer. Sure, there are more attractions open and the amount of people down there makes it seem like one big party, but there…

One Year of “Eating New Jersey”

Well, our one year anniversary is here. Eating New Jersey started on a whim. I had been Instagramming my food for years and started writing about restaurants on my personal blog. But because that site is such a mish-mosh of topics, I wanted to have a blog devoted entirely to food. I’d say we had…

Photo of the Day: August 14, 2017

I cannot help but long for Ocean City, Maryland in the middle of this August. With so many restaurants on the strip, it’s Dumser’s Drive-In that comes to mind today. A classic beach-town eatery specializing in burgers, shakes, and fries. Good prices and good eats. Just don’t go there on a diet. March 2017.

Photo of the Day: August 6, 2017

It’s the height of summer, so of course you need to head to Ocean City, Maryland for some world-famous Thrasher’s French Fries. Maybe they aren’t the best thing in the world, but still pretty good and iconic. The line will seem like a mile long just to get some. All they do are fries. You…

Photo of the Day: July 27, 2017

I learned how to swim in the pool of this Howard Johnson’s hotel in Ocean City, Maryland when I was about six or seven years old. My parents had signed me up for swim lessons at Dossil’s in Middletown, NJ, but after a horrific experience (the instructor would literally grab and throw us crying, scared…

Photo of the Day: May 16, 2017

A 40 ounce “Fish Bowl” margarita from Tequila Mockingbird in Ocean City, Maryland. Will had to tackle this one—I prefer ’em on the rocks. This place does not fool around with drinks. Best, strongest margaritas I’ve ever had, hands down. The gummy worms were a nice touch. March 2017.