Restaurant Review: Cocina del Sol (Frenchtown, NJ)

If I had to describe Cocina del Sol in only two words, I would say “fun” and “interesting”. It is located in the basement of Frenchtown’s historic Gem Building, which dates back to the 1800’s. There are a few tables street level for al fresco dining, but the bulk of the restaurant is underground. You…

Photo of the Day: July 5, 2018

Probably the best food I’ve had at a baseball game. This was a beef brisket burrito salad bowl thing that wasn’t half bad.

Restaurant Review: Chilangos (Highlands, NJ)

For years I had heard from people, “Chilangos is the best Mexican food in Highlands”. Well, they are right, but with a caveat: they are the only Mexican restaurant in Highlands. Actually, in the entire surrounding area. You would have to venture into Red Bank or Keyport for true Mexican food above the “fish tacos”…

Photo of the Day: June 2, 2018

There are dishes that change your life. This would be one of them. Camarones ala Diablo is a fiery, rich dish containing about a dozen shrimp in a blistering sauce. The ingredients, as told to me by the owner of Los Corrales herself, are simple enough, but the complexity that follows sends you into a…

Restaurant Review: Los Corrales (Keyport, NJ)

“A white guy walked into a Mexican restaurant.” Oh boy. Can I get away with that? I mean it in the nicest way possible. Los Corrales is an authentic Mexican restaurant. Sure, they have quesadillas and nachos, but if you order either of these two items, there should be legal justification to hang you by…

Restaurant Review: J.J. Bitting Brewing Company (Woodbridge, NJ)

Where do you go when you have a craving for quesadillas? Why, the J.J.¬†Bitting Brewing Company, of course! All kidding aside, this was the first time I had eaten here in over two years. When I worked in Perth Amboy once upon a time ago, coworkers and I were here at least once a month….

Photo of the Day: January 15, 2018

Could you believe I had Chipotle for the first time just a few weeks ago? Somehow, I managed to avoid it for years. Pictured is a half-eaten veggie burrito which was actually very good. Well, good in  a way that blows Taco Bell out of the water. Spicy and oh-so filling.

Photo of the Day: January 7, 2018

A work lunch at Lenora’s with a friend, and one of the best taco bowls I’ve ever had. Thin strips of grilled chicken piled high with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream inside a homemade taco shell.

Restaurant Review: Lenora’s Cafe (Keyport, NJ)

Lenora’s is basically a diner with a Mexican spin. I do not mean that in a derogatory way. It’s actually quite refreshing to be able to get chips and salsa instead of French Fries with a sandwich. I opened up the menu when I first sat down and was impressed. There were a lot of…

Photo of the Day: August 15, 2017

The giant neon “Eat” sign of Jose Tejas in Woodbridge, New Jersey on Route 1. Go on a weeknight, and you’ll wait at least an hour for a table. Go on the weekend, and just forget it.

Hunter’s Casual Crusades: Surf Taco (Red Bank, NJ)

While being spontaneous is a great quality, spontaneity with food choices is not something I want to participate in while I’m crawling for a bite to eat. I’m running on empty, hearing my stomach crying out in desperation. I need to stick to my roots— to what I know. What place has what food, and…