Photo of the Day: March 12, 2018

I wish I could say I “made” this chicken makhni, but what I really did was doctor up a couple jars of store-bought Indian simmer sauce and added cream, cilantro, peas, and pulled/shredded rotisserie chicken. It was delicious. Served with naan, basmati rice, grilled onion, and lime.

Photo of the Day: March 11, 2019

The next time I go to the Indian market (Patel Brothers in Parlin), I’ll need to hire a tour guide. So much to choose from!

Restaurant Review: Himalayan Curry and Grill (Lancaster, PA)

I once read somewhere that New Jersey is second only to India and its surrounding area in terms of where you can actually get quality Indian food. After a few experiences I have had in Pennsylvania, I started to believe that was true…until now. Justin and I wanted to explore Lancaster City. Even though I…

Photo of the Day: November 5, 2018

An appetizer selection at Neelam consisting of something totally new for me to try: that bread on the right was stuffed with bits of tandoori chicken and spices. Totally delicious!

Photo of the Day: September 19, 2018

Justin surprised me with Indian food from Haldi Chowk at Sandy Hook on Monday (Neelam is closed on Mondays). He ordered us chicken tikka masala and asked for as spicy as possible. While it was delicious, it really wasn’t too spicy. I had a slight runny nose but nothing lethal. However, the flavor of the…

Restaurant Review: Nawab (Bethlehem, PA)

On every vacation I have ever taken, no matter how great the overall experience was, I manage to find one dud of a restaurant. On our four-day sojourn through Pennsylvania, we wanted to have a touch of culture. I am a passionate consumer of Indian cuisine. Justin is newly getting into it, and after a…

Photo of the Day: July 22, 2018

I wanted to give the cold Indian dish Bhel Puri a try. I took leftover basmati rice and some crispy Indian snacks from an event I attended and mixed them up with some homemade spicy onion chutney. The result was incredibly similar to what I have had in restaurants. I was proud of myself.

Upcoming PA Posts from Adamstown, Reading, Kutztown, and Bethlehem

Aside from the regularly scheduled “Photo of the Day” posts, the next 10 or so reviews and write-ups are going to be from my recent trip to Pennsylvania. In the last few days, I visited some new places and during that span hit up eight different restaurants. There are reviews of those coming as well…

Photo of the Day: July 15, 2018

You won’t find these in New Jersey. We had an Indian-themed pot-luck event at the museum a few weeks ago, and a representative from Frito-Lay brought along a case of these.

New Hope Needs Ferry Market

I’ve been going to New Hope for years, and had probably walked past Ferry Market a dozen times. However, it was not until a visit this past week that I actually ventured inside. I guess I never paid it much mind. I don’t know what I thought was inside. With blistering temperatures as we wandered…