Restaurant Review: Pru Thai (Clinton, NJ)

As a food blogger, I probably never should have uttered the phrase last year, “I never met a Thai restaurant I didn’t like”. Well, after having a solid string of restaurant visits all over New Jersey and even out of state with this particular cuisine, I finally ran across my first dud. Pru Thai in…

Restaurant Review: Thai Thai (Bethlehem, PA)

We are now into restaurant review five of eight, and we have our winner for the trip. While, for the most part, we had great food in our four-day excursion, Justin and I both agreed this was the best. We were walking around town looking for a place to grab lunch. The historic Sun Inn…

Restaurant Review: Kyoto (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

This was a spur-of-the-moment visit. Justin and I were looking to grab a relatively light lunch before heading to the beach. We were thinking of trying a diner when I was reminded of Kyoto, one of the newer restaurants to open up in Atlantic Highlands. For me, as someone in town several times a week,…

Restaurant Review: Paris Baguette (Edison, NJ)

Paris Baguette is the place that puts the food scene in the H-Mart shopping plaza over the top. There’s already a spot for Malaysian cuisine, a Mongolian Hot Pot, a Boom Boom Chicken, a Korean BBQ buffet, and the actual food court inside the supermarket has kiosks that are better than most actual Asian restaurants….

Photo of the Day: June 14, 2018

The Japanese take on the Chinese takeout stalwart Crab Rangoons. Rather than heavy clunkers, these were crisp and light. The perfect way to start a meal before digging into some sushi, or even a spicy curry.

Shots From This Year’s Thai New Year Celebration at Kunya Siam

For the fourth year, I found myself working at Kunya Siam in Atlantic Highlands for their Thai New Year celebration, also known as the Songkran Festival. I could explain how I came to work in a Thai restaurant once or twice a year, but it is a rather long story. We will make this post…

Photo of the Day: January 13, 2017

Is there anything better than coming in out of the cold (17 degrees) and being met with a nice, hot Massaman curry? Especially when prepared at Kunya Siam.

Restaurant Review: Kunya Siam (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

I held off writing this review for years because I thought it would be a conflict of interest. I know the owner (Kunya) of this restaurant personally. I’ve even done some work for her during special events or down at her stand at the annual film festival at the harbor. She has graciously donated to…

Photo of the Day: November 28, 2017

A perfectly delicious red curry scallops from Nemo in Keyport. These were so good that I was left with no choice than to upgrade their 3.5 rating to a 4. For an $8.95 lunch special, they gave four decent-sized scallops. Tossed in an earthy curry sauce they were, with potatoes, string beans, onions, and mushrooms….

Restaurant Review: Nakayama Sushi (Hazlet, NJ)

I don’t usually write reviews based on takeout, but because Nakayama is an actual restaurant and my experiences there in two orders were good, I figured this could stand on its own. My coworker and I wanted a change from Sultan Palace after a couple of greasy, unappetizing meals in the last two months. This…

Photo of the Day: September 13, 2017

No joke, that’s the hottest curry I’ve ever had in my life. This was also a picture from my first ever restaurant review, back when I was doing them on my personal blog.┬áDublin House, Red Bank, New Jersey. June 2015,