Photo of the Day: November 2, 2018

For that millennial in your life who cannot afford a mortgage because they spend all their money on avocado toast. (You can find this gem at Target.)

Photo of the Day: May 11, 2018

Panini perfection at the New Monmouth Diner: turkey, bacon, avocado, and chipotle sauce…with more sauce on the side!

Photo of the Day: May 2, 2018

Jose Tejas has an incredibly cheap menu that they churn out with lightning-quick speed. For that reason, I think the actual quality of their food often goes unnoticed. These are incredibly well-executed fish tacos, consisting of grilled swordfish, a spicy mango salsa, and an interesting grilled avocado. I cannot say that I have had better…

Photo of the Day: March 28, 2018

Let me be an absolute basic white bitch with some avocado toast. And I’ll make matters worse: the avocado was purchased at TARJAY! The horror! The horror! (The spinach, meanwhile, is not so basic).

Photo of the Day: March 1, 2018

Hats off to these two Target brands Archer Farms and Simply Balanced for making a superb chips and guac combo. Blue corn and flax tortilla chips, with a minuscule amount of sodium and low in fat. Guacamole has chunks of avocado, is remarkably fresh, and made with no artificial preservatives.

What Eternity Feels Like

It was around 12:55 AM when I walked into Keyport’s IHOP location with my friends Jake, Ben, and Jason after a night of paranormal investigating. We’re not fans of the place in any capacity, but it’s one of the only restaurants open in the area at that time. Like an after-party, being at IHOP this…

Restaurant Review: The Turning Point (Holmdel, NJ)

I always thought the Turning Point (a small NJ chain) was a place where soccer moms went to complain about their children’s teachers over breakfast after dropping the little darlings off at school. I never actually considered this would be a restaurant I would enjoy, despite its immense popularity. Within five minutes of sitting down…

Restaurant Review: Le Peep (Edison, NJ)

The morning started innocently enough. I was on my way to run some errands and grab a bagel and coffee in Aberdeen when my friend called and asked if I wanted to get breakfast at Le Peep. He had been raving about it for as long as I can remember. So, I made a U-turn…

Restaurant Review: Lenora’s Cafe (Keyport, NJ)

Lenora’s is basically a diner with a Mexican spin. I do not mean that in a derogatory way. It’s actually quite refreshing to be able to get chips and salsa instead of French Fries with a sandwich. I opened up the menu when I first sat down and was impressed. There were a lot of…