Photo of the Day: April 15, 2019

A “Meatless Monday” creation here, and entirely from Aldi: a veggie burger on naan with a mixture of hummus and spinach. The veggie burgers from Aldi are some of the best I’ve ever had. Only 90 calories each and they are filling.

Lidl IS Worth It

I cannot think of a more perfect business to have been built in the ashes of that dreadful Red Oak Diner. Despite months of protests and multiple appearances from a gigantic inflatable rat, consumers pour into Lidl, Hazlet’s new supermarket, in droves. As a mild fan of Aldi and regular disgruntled shopper at Shop Rite,…

Photo of the Day: February 25, 2018

Know where to shop and you can have a seafood feast for a fraction of what you would pay in a restaurant. Mussels from Trader Joe’s and lobster tails from Aldi (only $6 each). Placed on top of some spaghetti which I tossed in olive oil and homemade garlic butter.