Photo of the Day: March 9, 2019

From a strange spell last month where we went from sub-zero temperatures to sunny and 65 in a matter of a day. It was strange walking on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt while stepping around giant chunks of ice stretched out for miles on the bay-side of Sandy Hook.

The Atlantic House Announces Executive Chef

The Atlantic House, on First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, has steadily been making renovations and additions to the location they purchased last year. The building is over a hundred years old and was occupied by the popular Memphis Pig Out for the last three decades. While there is no opening date set, today they did…

Photo of the Day: March 6, 2019

Justin’s sinful homemade chocolate lava cake. It was restaurant-quality, and I could feel any weight I lost in January shooting right back on…

Hazlet’s Inkanto the Latest Restaurant to Close

When they opened, I gave them a year. By my estimates, they lasted almost five. My prediction was made not out of spite, but considering what type of food would actually be successful in this area. Actually, I was quite excited when Inkanto Latin American Fusion (leaning Peruvian) arrived in Hazlet. It was a touch…

Photo of the Day: March 5, 2019

The food at China Palace was delicious, but in case you forgot you were eating in a bowling alley, drinks came in these sick retro cups. Brings me back! “Limited Edition 1991 Design”. The year I was born.

Restaurant Review: The Buttered Biscuit (Bradley Beach, NJ)

I tend to have a love-hate relationship with high-end breakfast places. Sometimes I find one that I really like, while most often I am left wishing I had just gone to a diner instead. With an overwhelming fan-base, including my own mother, I was not expecting The Buttered Biscuit in Bradley Beach to fall into…

Photo of the Day: March 4, 2019

A rare vegan dish for me: spicy lentil soup with garlic, tomato, and coriander, with a drizzle of chili oil on top for some added spice.

Photo of the Day: March 3, 2019

I’ve had a lot of excellent meals at Nonna’s, but this Chicken Giambotta outdoes them all. I asked for extra spicy and they delivered. Tender chicken, a flavorful and spicy sauce, crispy potato chips with rosemary, and tons of hot cherry peppers. I tried to replicate it myself a week later.

Red Bank’s The Globe is Worth Being Written About Twice

I posted my first review of The Globe two years ago. I had stopped in for a quick lunch and drink with a friend and was inspired to give them a good rating. I also felt that I had to dispel the notion that this was a “dive bar”. It is not and probably never…