Jacques Pepin’s Chicken Persillade

Summers are for grilling, but if you are looking for a sautéed dish that is not too heavy, go no farther than Jacques Pepin’s Chicken Persillade. Cubed chicken breast gets dredged in seasoned flour and sautéed in butter and olive oil. When it is cooked all the way through, I added a persillade that I made earlier in the day consisting of chopped fresh parsley, garlic, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. Departing from his recipe, I also threw in a splash of dry vermouth and a finely diced shallot. Served over rice pilaf, this was a shockingly easy but delicious meal. The persillade is quite versatile and goes well on a steak. Similar to a chimichurri, I use it instead for the sheer fact that I am not a fan of oregano.


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