The Broccolini Made this Dish

There’s a lot of good stuff on that plate: crab cakes with Sriracha-garlic aioli, slow-cooker risotto, and….sautéed broccolini. The latter may be my new favorite vegetable. While I have had it many times in restaurants over the years, last week was my first time making it at home. It is a cross between regular broccoli and broccoli rabe. The consistency is both a little sweeter and more tender than either of the other two. These were sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper before a quick steaming in dry vermouth. It may be a little more expensive than broccoli rabe, but the fact that you do not need to blanche ahead of time to remove bitterness makes these more than worth it. An easy and elegant way to add some green to your plate.


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