A Delicious New Year’s Eve

A few days late, but let me share the pictures from this past New Year’s Eve. We said goodbye to 2020 at my friend Walter’s house. This was the first time in ages that I had been out on this night (I usually prefer to stay home and party) so this was a special diversion. As you know, my friend is an entertaining legend who started us off on the evening with a large charcuterie board and then rolled out a different appetizer every half hour or so until midnight.

Yes, there was even a menu.
The opening cocktail was an old timey one: Dry Sack sherry with a lemon twist.
The charcuterie board.
The ambiance.
I bravely tried some of the herring, which was for good fortune in the New Year. My friend Patty who also joined us brought smoked whiting, another New Year’s Eve “good luck” mainstay.
Mini crab cakes.
The accompanying sauce was some of the hottest cocktail sauce I’ve ever had in my life.
Spring rolls.

And I must include a picture of our most gracious host, decked out in a Tux for the occasion!


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