Guest Post: The Best Devices for Making Coffee at Home

By Emma Harrington

If you decide to make homemade coffee with whole beans without using coffee machines, you will need to decide on four things: the device in which you will brew the coffee, a coffee grinder, a scale, and a kettle. It may be extra work, but the quality and intimacy of the coffee-brewing experience is worth it.

Brewing Devices

Coffee is universal and can be brewed in any way. In fact, hundreds of devices have been invented for this purpose: a Turk, a Moka or a geyser coffee maker, funnels, a French Press, a siphon, Aeropress, and many others.

For instruments, you will need to make a separate mini-guide. They are most often brewed in a cup— just pour the coffee with water and wait. This method is very similar to a French Press or a Cezve (the most popular device for making coffee).

Coffee Grinder

It is the most important part of brewing coffee, perhaps even more important than the brewer itself. The grinder makes identical coffee particles. The more uniform the particles, the easier it is to control the preparation. Based on information from MyFriendsCoffee a coffee grinder can be set to very fine, medium, and large particles.

And always remember: roasted coffee loses its taste and aroma properties in a month and a half. Ground coffee loses its aroma in half an hour.

One disadvantage of needing a coffee grinder can be the price. Unfortunately, even mediocre coffee grinders on online shops cost more than $30. Even copies of the famous Japanese versions give a disgusting grind for $10-30.


Too often I come across the opinion that scales are not needed for making coffee at home. Why use a scale when you can handle it with spoons and measuring cups? With weights it will be more accurate. Every time you brew, you can give yourself consistently tasty coffee.

The balance must be able to measure at least 3 kg of the maximum weight, in addition to coffee. You need to weigh the brewing device, water, the accuracy of the scales from tenths of grams.

Decent scales on Amazon can be found for $15. Compared to professional coffee scales of the Tiamo or Acaia brands which can run hundreds of dollars because of their responsiveness and water resistance.

Tea Pot

The “gooseneck” above kettle refers to optional devices. With the help of such a kettle, we can precisely control the flow of water. We control the flow rate and precisely direct the flow of water to a specific location.

It depends on the type of infuser you are using. Immersion methods such as grounds straight in the a cup, French press, willow, or a Cezve are more tolerant of the flow of water. You can just pour from a mug.

I hope that this post will be of help for people looking to be more adventurous with their coffee!


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