Restaurant Review #293: The Good Gyro (New Hope, PA)

We have now had three meals within the confines of New Hope’s Ferry Market, and all have been outstanding. This most recent was a visit to The Good Gyro. Wanting something light and refreshing for lunch as opposed to a sandwich, Justin and I both did the unthinkable: we ordered a salad and a vegetarian combo platter. It proved to be exactly what we were looking for.

There were so many great choices available, including a gyro which is this restaurant’s namesake, but we did not want to stray from the goal of ordering something healthy. So, Justin went with the apple and walnut salad, while I chose a combo platter with hummus, babaghanoush, and couscous salad. Mine came served with an additional cabbage salad and pita bread. We also shared a spinach knish. Our arteries must have wondered what was going on.

Justin’s salad was enormous and topped with feta cheese and a dressing. It was so large that he could not finish it. Mine, meanwhile, was also epic in size but it was so delicious that I could not stop eating it. The hummus was creamy and the babaghanoush was the best I have ever had—it was blended to the point where it did not resemble eggplant at all, but the familiar flavor was there. Both were topped with a drizzle of olive oil and Kalamata olives, and separated by pita chips. The couscous and cabbage salads were fresh and complimentary to the hearty spreads. Between the creaminess and acidity, it was the best possible combination.

My only complaint was that the side of pita bread was not larger, simply because all that I had to dip it in was so wonderful that I wish I had more. Still, that’s a pretty good thing to complain about.

You can tell the owners really care about quality at The Good Gyro. They have a considerable selection of both cold/prepared foods as well as hot/made-to-order. The freshness of the ingredients and attention to detail is apparent. For a small stand to be cranking out food of this magnitude is impressive. I’ve said many times that Ferry Market is a true gem for the town of New Hope, with such a high concentration of food, snacks, and drinks being cranked out in one area. The Good Gyro adds to an already impressive array of stands that includes cuisine spanning the globe. 4 out of 5 stars.

The Good Gyro is located in Ferry Market at 32 South Main Street in New Hope, PA.


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