A Home Cook’s Haven

Bird-in-Hand Farmer’s Market

While we spent a lot of time in Lancaster City on this recent trip (three more restaurant reviews still coming), the countryside remains a mouthwatering haven for home cooks like me. Between the large farmer’s markets, butcher shops, and even small roadside stands, the array of spices, meats, cheeses, and produce is endless. It is a great place to stock up on sometimes hard-to-find items. The prices are also much cheaper. One of these trips I will need to bring a cooler out there so I can bring back some of the beautiful steaks that many of these places have on display.

Then you have flea markets such as the Green Dragon out in Ephrata where I picked up the book below. It is a fascinating read so far, full of many intricate recipes from the last dinner served on the Titanic, for both first, second, and third class passengers.


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