Restaurant Review #288: Takumi (Middletown, NJ)

Spider Roll

Well, it is the second-to-last day of summer. We got off to a late start and the line for the beach was just too long. So we turned around and ordered some takeout sushi from Takumi in Middletown instead. This place opened last year, and even though I am in that plaza frequently for Shop Rite, this was the first time either of us tried it. While I would still rank Sono (also Middletown) as the highest quality sushi in this immediate area, Takumi was much better than I expected and somewhere I would definitely return to.

We each had one roll: the Spider Roll (tempura soft shell crab and avocado) for me and an eel roll for Justin. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed what we ordered, not finding a single complaint. Mine had plenty of crab which was crispy and actually tasted like crab as opposed to nothing but tempura batter which can sometimes be the case. The avocado added some creaminess to contrast with the crispy interior of the roll. Both came with eel sauce drizzled on top, and we asked for extra on the side for dipping. In addition, we shared a Shrimp Shumai, which was cooked perfectly and delicious.

There is an added bonus with Takumi and that is most of their rolls are 50% off. I was unaware of this until we saw a menu, and was surprised to see such an offer lasting this far into their run (this does not appear to be promotional, but a mainstay of the menu). This makes for some incredible deals as you peruse the selection. There is a section for “discounted” rolls and it includes 31 options while others are scattered throughout the menu, bringing the total to over 50. My Spider Roll, which would have normally been $11.50, was priced at $5.75. However, due to this pricing, the rolls are a bit smaller than what you might be used to. But given the discount, you can just order more and probably end up paying the same price as you would somewhere else. I am not sure why Takumi chooses to promote “discount sushi” (something which admittedly does not sound too appetizing) when the “sale” never wavers and is constant. Now that they are a year old, it might be wise to drop such advertising and just keep the discount prices as the regular prices. This is not a criticism, just another way of looking at it.

Eel Roll

Regardless, this was solid sushi and a tantalizing snack that would definitely cause me to go back for more. The menu is cookie-cutter for this type of Japanese cuisine, but as long as they are able to execute, that does not really matter. I am going to give them 4 out of 5 stars even with this limited sampling. I have, in the past, reviewed restaurants based on less. Takumi deserves such a rating.

Takumi is located at 1375 NJ-35 in Middletown, NJ.


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