Takeout from The Greek Spot (Red Bank, NJ)

My Pork Souvlaki with spinach-rice over pita.

There’s a story behind this one: two weeks ago, Justin, my mom, and I ordered takeout from The Greek Spot. We had it delivered through DoorDash. When the food arrived, the delivery guy handed us a tiny bag that in no way looked like three meals and an appetizer. We opened it up and we were correct. After waiting 90 minutes for the order to arrive, the restaurant was nearly closed by the time we called to let them know. As it happens, there were orders for two Justins at the same time, and he grabbed the wrong one. They refunded us and told us to keep the food (which was delicious, as always). So, a week later, we did it again. This time I picked it up. No mistakes, just excellent Greek food.

Mom’s Chicken Souvlaki with Greek fries.
Justin’s Falafel wrap.
Can I call the spicy Feta dip “legendary”? We get it every time.
What’s not to like?

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