A Cocktail I Never Much Cared For…Until Now

Mojitos at my friend Walter’s house

I was never a fan of the Mojito. Actually, I’m not big on mint at all, which is why I never found one of the world’s most popular cocktails appealing. However, my friend Walter had been talking about all the Mojitos he was making recently, using a recipe from a friend of his in Aruba. Normally strictly a wino, I actually turned him on to gin and tonics last summer. He calls me an “evil influence” because of this. I guess it was his turn to do the same for me, because he whipped up a batch of Mojitos for my friend Patty and I to try yesterday in his secluded garden…while social distancing, of course.

My version at home

I enjoyed them so much that I came home and went right to my garden in the back where mint has been growing for years. Usually in abundance, which we rip up to keep under control, I grabbed a couple of sprigs and made another Mojito for myself. Or was it two? This may end up being my cocktail for this summer. I’ve become a little bored of my usual go-to’s (G & T, vodka club, etc) when it is sweltering outside. This was incredibly refreshing and a lot easier to go down. Dangerously so. Cheers!


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