Sometimes You Just Need “Shake and Bake”

It was after an incredibly long and trying day at work a couple of weeks ago when I got in the car and realized Justin was calling me. He was at the grocery store and out of ideas. He asked what I wanted for dinner, and for some reason I exclaimed “Shake and bake pork chops!”. And then after a few more seconds, “I want Kraft mac and cheese too! The awful one with the cheese powder in the box!” So, this meal ended up being a tribute to I-Don’t-Give-a-F*ck. Cheap, easy, no prep, little cleanup, and enough sodium to mummify us both. But it was so good! The Kraft ended up being a newer kind than I have experienced: one with an actual four-cheese sauce in a pouch, and not the instant powder. I did end up cooking some Brussels Sprouts, the only “real” food on the plate. Hey, we needed some green, right?


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