Chicken St. Charlie

There’s a story behind this simple dish. Growing up and even into my adulthood, my mom always made something called “Chicken St. Charlie”. If you look it up, you won’t find anything. It’s a recipe she adapted from a restaurant in lower Manhattan called St. Charlie’s in the 80’s. She could never remember the name of the dish, so she named it after the restaurant. Here is my version of it, almost identical except for a few minor changes. Chicken is breaded in flour, lightly fried in butter and olive oil, then removed. Mushrooms are then sautéed in the same pan and deglazed with dry vermouth. You then top the chicken with par-cooked asparagus, provolone cheese, heat in the oven until melted, and top with the mushrooms. Side here is roasted potatoes. It is a quick, relatively simple, and amazing meal that I’ve eaten with slight variations for my entire life.


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