When the Grocery Store Runs Out of Tortillas…

Make your own! But seriously, what’s up with that? Small ones, large ones, hard shell, soft flour, soft corn, they were all gone! Well, we were determined to have fajitas last night regardless, so that meant Justin and I would make our own flour tortillas. In lieu of today’s Photo of the Day, here is a series of photos documenting the extraordinarily simple process. To think, when you buy a pack at the supermarket and look at the back of the wrapper, there are nearly 20 ingredients. These here had only five (flour, water, shortening, salt, and baking powder) and were just as good, if not better.

First, the dough is split into 12 equal, smaller balls of dough.

Since we do not have a tortilla press (and do not see the need for one, especially now), we rolled out each one individually. Since the recipe we used was spot on, it did not stick and was some of the easiest dough we ever worked with. Justin did almost all of the rolling and forming, while it was my job to finish them on cast iron.

A lot of recipes will give you times for when to flip it over (example: “one minute on each side”), but it is important that you follow the bubbles rather than time. Some tortillas bubble immediately (and are quite large, like you may see on a pizza) while others took longer and were smaller such as the one above. While checking to make sure the underside is not burning, only flip after a decent amount of bubbles have formed.

The result will look something like this by the time it is flipped. If I was eating this straight up with some butter, or using them in a quesadilla, I may have left them longer to crisp more. But since I was using them for fajitas and needed them to be pliable, this was good enough.

Voila! They were delicious! Stay safe and happy eating!


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