Photo of the Day: April 4, 2020

Takeout last week from Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine in Middletown. We shared a special kebab, chicken tikka masala, chicken kashmiri, bindi masala, and a vegetable korma (which they graciously gave on the house). Not pictured: basmati rice, naan, vegetable pakora, and samosas. This restaurant is owned by a wonderful family and we have been dining here since I was four years old. When I inquired about how business has been lately, they said, “Crazy!”. Glad to see they are doing well. Please give them some support.


One comment

  1. We love Neelam, and have had 2 brilliant take-out meals from them since this lock-down started. When things settle down and you are wanting to give a party ( remember parties?? ) Neelam are splendid caterers. We had a party of about 80, and Neelam fed us royally with perfect food!


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