There’s Always Takeout

Just three days ago, I mused how long it would be until my next review. Well, with restaurants switching to takeout/delivery only and whole towns shuttering up (such as Red Bank), it could be a while. Pizzerias and takeout-based establishments may not be affected, but actual sit-down restaurants will begin to suffer. As a food blogger, I must say that 99% of the places I review are small businesses. They need our support now more than ever before. Because of this, I urge you to consider takeout and delivery options. While it would be ignorant to say there is no risk receiving food prepared somewhere else, the risk is no greater than standing amongst massive crowds in supermarkets as people hoard food and toilet paper.

Lawrence wants you to support small businesses with takeout and delivery.

Even fine-dining mecca Restaurant Nicholas is offering a prix-fix to-go menu at $27.50 per person which includes an appetizer and entree (with the option to add a shareable pint of their homemade ice cream for $9). Humans are highly adaptable in any situation, and this just shows it. While I have never been to Nicholas, I highlight them to say if they can do it, so can everyone else. You can still enjoy an excellent meal in the comfort of your own home even in these trying times. I have also seen several pizzerias extend special pricing normally reserved for Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the entire week, while others have dropped some of their prices to accommodate struggling families.

Check the social media and/or websites of your favorite restaurants. Take advantage of these options, if only to maintain your sanity and keep your spirits up. Remember, all things must pass, and this will too. From all of us at Eating New Jersey, stay safe and eat well.


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