Guest Post: Top Picks to Dine in New Jersey for the Elderly

By Eric Tress

Do you have an older parent, relative or friend in your life that enjoys food but can never find an exciting place in New Jersey to eat? This is for you. Maybe you are a senior that wants to find quality restaurants in New Jersey. Well, we have a few suggestions.

Why are seniors fussy when it comes to eateries?

There are a number of reasons:

1. A place that meets your dietary needs

As an elderly person, you may have special dietary needs. So, whereas in the past you could eat anywhere, at this stage in your life you know your body better and are selective about what you feed it. That means you cannot just visit any restaurant, you need one that meets your specific dietary needs. Here, you will find suggestions on where to find the right place.

2. A celebratory meal with friend and family

Maybe you can eat anything and enjoy cooking at home. But, sometimes you need to go out and have a treat or entertain your favorite grandchild or oldest friend. That’s where special eateries come in handy. You want to go to a place where you and your loved ones will be comfortable. We give you a few special places you can try.

3. You love to eat out

Maybe you are dealing with an illness that keeps you from cooking as you did in the past or you maybe a foodie that loves to try new places. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a variety of foods and regular meals on hand. All you need is a good eatery that delivers your favorite meals to your doorstep. You will find quite a few of those in the list below.

The truth is, New Jersey has many eateries that cater to senior residents and offer great food and services. Many of them even offer discounts, which we feel every senior citizen deserves. 

Just like you have a reliable lawyer or doctor to take care of your affairs, you should have the names of a few good eateries up your sleeve. So, here goes!

New Jersey restaurants that offer discounts to senior citizens

It’s nice to eat your favorite meals at a pleasant restaurant and get a discount on it. There are many places in New Jersey that offer senior citizen discounts, either daily, or on certain days of the week.  

Start by asking at your local restaurant. That Italian place you love or your favorite steak or seafood spot may have offers for seniors you are unaware of. So the next time you are there, ask for a discount, you deserve it! 

Other eateries in New Jersey offer regular discounts for seniors and have great food portions. Some good examples are:

  • Applebee’s – For anything from ribs to chicken, salads, and pasta
  • Carrabba’s –  They have weekly and daily specials 
  • Bonefish Grill –  For the best seafood in New Jersey
  • International House of Pancakes – serves excellent breakfast and brunch  

For other places in New Jersey that offer discounts, go here.

Try New Jersey theme restaurants

The experience of sitting in a regular restaurant may be boring for you, especially when you have a special occasion to celebrate. At such times you need to visit a place with character that will make your outing unique such as a theme restaurant. There are lots of theme restaurants in New Jersey; we feel you should try. Here are some excellent examples.

  • Clintons Station Diner – Where you can eat in a train car
  • Rainforest Cafe- Located in a rainforest setting
  • Joe’s Crab Shack- Get entertained by dancing and singing waiters as you enjoy tasty crabs and lobsters
  • AMC Dine-Inn Theater –  Watch the latest film as you eat your favorite meal.

Food deliveries for seniors in New Jersey

You could have your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep at affordable prices. Many eateries in New Jersey do this and will give you a senior citizens discount to boot. Another option is the meals on wheels service. Check how to get them here.

You can also order food from eateries via delivery portals such as doordash, seamless, grubhub, among others.

Grocery stores in New Jersey that offer senior citizens discounts

If you love to make your own meals, there are other ways to make it affordable. Start by taking advantage of discounts and offers from your local grocery store. You will also find many more grocery stores in New Jersey that provide senior citizen’s discounts, including;

  • Walgreens
  • Great value markets
  • Whole foods market 

If you cannot leave your home, you can shop online, and your groceries will come to you. A good example of such a service is Schwan’s home service. They allow you to purchase groceries online and have them delivered at home. 


Now you have many ways to find good food in New Jersey at your fingertips. Bon Appetit!


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