My Dinner Last Night Was…

Followers of this blog hopefully noticed my post yesterday on a disease affecting chicken known as Woody Breast Syndrome and White Striping. While I do not normally foray in food health/science topics, as someone who cooks a minimum of five nights a week, I felt compelled to share my experiences. As it happens, yesterday was the busiest day in my blog’s four-year history. Social media reaction went through the roof. Many thanked me for bringing light to something they either did not realize existed, or were experiencing just like me but did not know what it was called. Most people visit Eating New Jersey for restaurant reviews, but I am certainly honored to have educated so many with a simple blog post.

Anyway, yesterday ended up being a meatless day…and for good reason! Obviously, to eat chicken last night would have been laughable and probably nauseating. So, I ended up with a veggie burger (or two) topped with melted Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and served atop a glorious seeded Martin’s roll. I am a carnivore at heart, but this was a needed break. Lunch was a kale salad.

Photo of the Day is on a bit of a hiatus, so I wanted to share this with you while this little chicken horror story is still fresh in everyone’s minds.


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