Ringing in 2020

Just like last New Year’s Eve, we decided to stay home. While last year was a mix of appetizers and Chinese takeout, this time was strictly appetizers. We had an array of them ready to go (too much from the start) and we managed to make our way through only half of them. Below is what was on our menu:

Air-fried asparagus (healthy?!?!) with horseradish aioli and a cheesy spinach dip. These acted as the “greens” tonight. For the dip, I sauteed the spinach in garlic, oil, and Adobo before sprinkling in half a bag of cheese. It was then placed in a casserole dish and I added the rest of the cheese to the top. After a half hour on 350 (last 10 minutes with the lid off), it was bubbly, stringy, and delicious. We also had some organic salsa from Shop Rite which is up there with the spiciest I’ve ever had.

What would a New Year’s Eve party be without the ubiquitous Pigs in Blankets?

Lastly, baked brie with toppings. We were stuffed by this point but still did a number on it. Unfortunately, that left no room for the mushroom flatbread, mac and cheese bites, spanakopita, and lobster-cheese balls! We’ll just have to eat them another night.

Drinks for the evening for me included a Gibson and a Last Word (which ironically used up the last of both my Chartreuse and Luxardo). My mom had a Rob Roy. Justin stuck with White Claws. Sparkling wine was had by all at midnight. We hope everyone had a fun night, and would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2020!

I also want to add that 2019 was Eating New Jersey’s busiest year ever. We would like to thank the more than 100,000 visitors who checked us out! In total, we reviewed 44 new restaurants and posted over a thousand food pictures. The Revere Tavern nabbed our only 5-star rating of the year, but we were happy to hand out tons of 4’s and 4.5’s. There is a lot of great food out there, and our job is to bring it to you. 


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