Photo of the Day: November 7, 2019

Another trip to Sichuan Cottage, another order of beef with roasted chili in hot oil. This time I asked for extra spicy and was met with an, “Are you sure?” from the waitress. She had a good point. While Sichuan-style spice doesn’t kill you, it has numerous qualities that both bite and numb you at the same time. Look closely at that sauce. This was hot!



  1. That looks dangerous! Being from New Orleans I normally get things as spicy as they offer. EXCEPT Thai food. Last time I had it I tried a new place and they asked me how spicy I wanted it, on a scale of 1-5. I went three. It was perfect. Thai folks don’t mess around!

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    • There is only one restaurant that I shy away from “full blast”, and it happens to be a Thai restaurant as well (you can look it up under Kunya Siam Thai Restaurant). They do a 1-4 star scale, and after nearly dying at 4, I now stick to 3 so I have the option to ask for the spice rack, which is usually unnecessary.

      Most restaurants over here, when you ask for extra spicy, will say yeah sure, and when it arrives, it is barely hotter than mild. So I take my chances, and sometimes I pay for it!

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