Local Round-Up: Julio’s Pizza Co. Opening in Atlantic Highlands

While everyone is waiting for the seemingly delayed Una Pizza Napoletana, another new pizzeria is opening in Atlantic Highlands. Julio’s Pizza Company will be located on 1st Avenue roughly 125 feet away. However, this would not be the first time the town saw two pizzerias operating within close proximity of one another—Julio’s will occupy the spot formerly used as 1st Avenue Pizza, which was literally next door to Gianni’s Italian Specialty Foods, which also sold pizza.

Photo via Julio’s Facebook

There has not been much fanfare regarding Julio’s, whose grand opening will be this Thursday, October 17th at 11 am (the soft opening occurred today). I just happened to come across a few posts on Instagram and decided to do some investigating. Color me surprised when I realized that another pizza place was coming to Atlantic Highlands. Their website is up, but there is currently no menu. Some digging online reveals that the owners are Erin Willet and Brendan Smith. Julio, the inspiration behind the restaurant, is actually their dog!

We would like to wish the folks at Julio’s the best of luck with their new business. I am looking forward to stopping in for a slice or two!


One comment

  1. Wishing you folks the best of luck. Use the best of ingredients and don’t cook the pies in a overly hot oven (too fast) = burnt bottom. and you will flourish. Again best of luck….. JB


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