Local Round-Up: Zhang’s Grille in Holmdel Closes After Two Years

One of Zhang’s bizarre menu pages.

It was one of, if not the worst meal I’ve ever had in my life. In August of 2017, I predicted they would last a year. Two years to the month, Zhang’s has shut their doors. Reviews were certainly mixed, but based on my experience, I had never seen such a ridiculous menu in all my life (tuna sandwiches and quesadillas next to General Tso’s Chicken and sushi, anyone?). They couldn’t even get their sign out front right: it read “Thia and Korean BBQ”. Preliminary signage has gone up for the new business, advertising something along the lines of a seafood restaurant.

Inside a “corn fritter” I unfortunately ordered.

There is no other information available at this time. While I hope the new place succeeds, they could not have chosen a more odd place for a seafood joint. Though the Holmdel/Hazlet area lacks something of that nature, no place except Keyport Fishery (which is takeout only) has managed to thrive. It will be interesting to see how this develops over time. Not even Schooner’s Fishery in Belford (a lot closer to the water) could last longer than a year.



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