Highlights from Kunya Siam’s 2019 Thai New Year

As promised, here are some pictures from yesterday’s Thai New Year (Songkran) celebration at Kunya Siam. This was my fifth year helping out, and like always, it was both crazy and fun! I did not get as many pics as last year because I was in our downstairs kitchen and prep room most of the time, but here they are below. We had three seatings, all condensed into one day. This required a Herculean effort from her kitchen staff and servers to pull this off. A great time was had by all, including those of us working the event!

If you can believe it, people are already making reservations for next year’s festivities. This is such a well-loved event that sometimes it sells out before it can even be advertised publicly. Many customers return year after year, a testimonial to what a great day this is. If you want in, I strongly advise that you do not wait. Give them a call now!

Another awesome lineup! How can you beat such an offering?
Ma-Hor ready for plating. The minced chicken and peanuts atop a fresh pineapple slice was the perfect combination of sweet, salty, crunchy, and chewy.
A large ceremonial bowl of Mie Grob.
An assortment of entrée samples (picture taken before coffee duck and fried rice were added): jumbo shrimp in tamarind sauce, Massaman curry short rib, fresh rolls, coconut soup, and a minced chicken dip.
The duck before being finished with a tamarind-coffee sauce.
Fried rice prepared fresh.
Traditional Thai dancing underway
With Kunya after another great event!


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